The first time you fish it, you will understand.  
Whether you are behind the wheel or manning the rod, the Cape Horn brings a no nonsense approach to offshore fishing.  Huge floor plans allow an uncluttered workstation when the bite is on.  From bow to stern every detail is engineered and tournament tested for one purpose- to fish.  

The only thing that matters 80 miles offshore is beneath your feet.
The Cape Horn line up of boats is continuously recognized for its industry-leading dependability and customer satisfaction.  Our average CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) score compiled by Cape Horn owners exceeds those of industry leaders.  This dedicated customer service can only be achieved by a family owned and operated company that delivers a commitment to produce the finest boats in the world, both in terms of fishing and ownership.  
Most of the offshore models are equipped with two enormous live wells and possibly the largest fully insulated fish box available.  At 7’ of length the fish box will challenge you to find a game fish that won’t fit—good luck.  With a dry ride and soft entry the newly designed Cape Horns are forging a new legacy.  One that just may be the most rugged and reliable center console you will ever find.