The Cape Horn Difference

A Tradition of Excellence

Our team of experts have spent the past 35 years refining and perfecting our boats. From creating the in-house designs to the final inspection, meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship go into each step to ensure our boats are the strongest in the industry.


Our legacy began decades ago in the garage of Chris Fabbro and his father, Bob Fabbro. They recognized the need for a no-nonsense fishing boat that could meet the demands of hardcore fisherman while remaining affordable and easy to maintain. And so the first Cape Horn boat—the Cape Horn 16 Classic—was born. Today, our legacy lives on. With a line-up that delivers better quality, more standard features, and a larger size than any other boat on the market, Cape Horn has established a reputation for designing and building premier offshore boats.


Our mission is simple: to help you catch what you haven’t.
Every fisherman has one—that one catch you haven’t found yet or the one that got away.
We’re here to help you get that one. 

From excellence-driven craftsmanship to exceptional customer service, our passions are to exceed expectations and equip our clients with the highest-quality vessels for every boating experience.


Improvement: We believe that no boat should fail, ever. Innovation is the cornerstone of these beliefs by improving our products in every aspect.

Simplicity: In simplicity you find reliability and strength. You won’t find unnecessary frills on our boats. Our no-nonsense approach guarantees that owning one of our products is an uninterrupted experience.


Construction & Our Process

None Built Stronger

Our team of experts have spent the past 35 years refining and perfecting our boats. From creating the in-house designs to the final inspection, meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship go into each step to ensure our boats are the strongest in the industry.

Process: Step 1

Like every good business, we start with a plan.

Process: Step 2

Proven year after year, our molds are the closest thing to perfection you'll find.

Process: Step 3

Multiple layers of fiberglass and resin give your boat the unparalleled strength needed to explore the offshore with confidence.

Process: Step 4

The inner hull is pressure-filled with closed-cell urethane foam. Our two-step foam process fills cavities to capacity for a smooth, quiet ride.

Process: Step 5

Stringers and flooring give your hull additional form.

Process: Step 6

We weren’t kidding when we said bulletproof hull. The cross section of this 27xs bottom illustrates the rigid composite construction.

Process: Step 7

From iceboxes to center consoles, we hand-build and construct each piece.

Process: Step 8

No detail is too small; even the parts of the boat you will never see are carefully inspected to ensure they are perfect in every way.

Process: Step 9

Additional glass and resin are applied to guarantee nothing is overlooked.

Process: Step 10

While most boats are molded on the inside, each Cape Horn boat is hand-built or sculpted one at a time.

Process: Step 11

Once the hull is fully cured, the boat is ready to be separated from the mold and joined to the top assembly.

Process: Step 12

Confirming the hull and flooring are sealed perfectly each time, every time is an important part of the process.

Process: Step 13

The two halves are joined together, and the boat is now ready for the rigging shop.

Process: Step 14

Rod holders are carefully placed where you need them – everywhere.

Process: Step 15

The hardware and engineering systems are now installed. Tracey and Joann have been rigging and wiring Cape Horn boats for over two decades—it’s safe to say they’re experts.

Process: Step 16

Every Cape Horn comes with a solid 316 stainless steel nose guard. It’s for more than just good looks.

Why Cape Horn?


Whether you are behind the wheel or manning the rod, the Cape Horn brings a no-nonsense approach to offshore fishing. Huge floor plans allow an uncluttered workstation when the bite is on. From bow to stern every detail is engineered and tournament-tested for one purpose- to fish.

Most of the offshore models are equipped with two enormous live wells and possibly the largest fully insulated fish box available. At 7’ of length the fish box will challenge you to find a game fish that won’t fit—good luck. With a dry ride and soft entry, the newly designed Cape Horns are forging a new legacy. One that just may be the most rugged and reliable center console you will ever find.

Foam-Filled Bulletproof Hulls

We talk a lot about the strength, wood-free design, and the thickness of our hulls. Another key factor in our legendary ride is pressure filling empty spaces in the hull with closed-cell foam. The foam quiets the ride and adds stiffness to the hull. How many boats can make that claim?

Soft-Entry Bow

Another Cape Horn first. After 35 years of hands-on, real-life testing and thousands of miles of running into heavy seas, we found exactly what it takes for the softest entry and driest ride. A proprietary designed cutwater helps smooth out the bumps while the reverse chines direct any spray down and away from the hull. Increased speed and fuel economy are a result.

Light, Fast, Safe

With a unique construction process, Cape Horn is unlike any other. Our sculpted process prevents us from ever mass producing these boats, but mass production is not part of our agenda. This process is slow and contributes to our limited production, but guarantees an all-composite boat that will outlast its owner.

Fast-Draining Cockpits

Self-bailing hulls help water exit quickly by design with oversized scuppers. Say good-bye to the wet feet the others provide while also being easier to clean after a trip to the islands.

Easy-Clean Gel Coated Decks

Fishing and boating are supposed to be enjoyable. Making the decks with a gel-coated finish for easy clean-up just seemed like another Cape Horn good idea. 

Commercial Rub Rail

Yes, Cape Horn boats have beautiful lines, ride dry and will get you to your favorite destination quickly. But they’re also meant to be used and are built to take a pounding. From the bulletproof hull to the stainless nose guard to the commercial rub rail that keeps you off the dock, you immediately see that we build Cape Horns based on real experience by real boaters.

Yacht-Grade Hardware

When you own a boat meant to travel hundreds of miles offshore and return in a single day, you expect your equipment to be as durable as you are. Yacht-grade stainless steel hardware, oversized hinges, and cleats with room to spare make a long-lasting difference.

Tinned Wiring

All Cape Horn wiring is tinned and jacketed in an automotive-style harness to withstand the elements and provide a lifetime of service.

Touch-To-Push SS Switches

Our panels are hand-built to control all of your boat's functions. Water-sealed, stainless push switches with LED indicators keep the dash well organized and easy to access.

Modern Technology

Want multiple large displays and digital engine readouts?  No problem.  Maybe some underwater lighting?  Want to add a sound system?  We’ve got you covered there too.

Digital Throttles

Flyby wire throttles are easy on the gears and ensure a smooth, steady acceleration. This modern technology also helps with fuel economy. All Cape Horn models are outfitted with digital controls.